We are an international not-for-profit society bringing together scholars from diverse disciplines who are interested in the study of collecting in all its ramifications, including the relationships between collecting and the art market. We cover all aspects of collecting, whether amassed by private individuals or public institutions, and ranging through any time in the past to the present day.

Our goals for the Society are:

  • to advance the study of the history of collecting by encouraging the exchange of ideas
  • to  support scholarship and training in the study of collecting and art markets
  • to protect pertinent archives and sources.

For the public at large, we provide a platform for the exchange of information in the form of the present website with a diary of relevant forthcoming conferences, reports on past conferences, a directory of the Society’s members, and select relevant bibliographies.

For our members, we organise networking events, workshops for younger scholars, access to primary source material and study trips where scholars can get together and exchange ideas while at the same time enjoying the opportunity to view important collections.


Whether you want to be a full member or simply follow our news and event, please sign up to our mailing list by clicking the ‘Follow’ Tab at the bottom right of this page.

If you want to become a member of our Society and enjoy our members’ events, then please send an email to: membership.sochistcoll@gmail.com. We will send you the Registration Form.



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