Steering Committee

Adriana Turpin, F.S.A., Director MAs History and Business of Art and Collecting, IESA/ The University of Warwick

Dr. Susanna Avery-Quash, F.S.A., Senior Research Curator (History of Collecting), The National Gallery, London

Dr. Susan Bracken, F.S.A

Dr. Silvia Davoli, Research Curator at Strawberry Hill House

Dr. Ana Debenedetti, Curator of Paintings and Drawings at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Dr. Veronika Korbei, Section Editor, The Art Market Dictionary, Independent writing and editing professional

Rebecca Lyons, Director, Royal Collection Studies, The Attingham Trust, and Fine & Decorative Art, Christie’s Education

Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth, PhD Student at The University of Leeds

Barbara Pezzini, Index Editor, The Burlington Magazine; Editor, Visual Resources; PhD student at The National Gallery, London/ The University of Manchester

Dr. Lisa Skogh, Research Fellow, Research Department, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Dr. Tom Stammers, Lecturer in History, The University of Durham

Dr. Marie Tavinor, Lecturer Fine & Decorative Art, Christie’s Education

Dr. Eleni Vassilika, Independent Scholar (former Museum Director)